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Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 10:30:52 PM America/New_York

Everyone Who knows me, Know's Ralph Lauren is one of my Favorite designers, Growing up in Brooklyn NY in the early 90's Ralph Lauren was a Major part of my High School Years. I wasn't an official member of the LO LIFE, but I was a LO LIFE. I used to Dress from Ralph Lauren POLO from head to toe. I use to trade as well; If you are from Brklyn NY, you know what trading is.

Wearing Ralph Lauren POLO then, was a life style for us kids growing in NY and still is for some. Although Ralph Lauren don't make the classic pieces like the Snow Beach, Out Doorsman, Indian Head Knit, Pwings, Suicide Knit and jacket just to name a few. That's why they are now consider to be vintage and are selling for hudreds of dolloars. With that said, Much Respect to Meyhem Lauren, is an OG legend when it comes to Lo Lifes and this Polo game.
@ralphlauren @meyhemlauren

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